Finding The Best Exchange Rates Has Never Been Easier!

CurrenSeek empowers you to locate the best rates around you and make informed exchanges.

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Currency Exchange, Revolutionised.

Introducing a location-based currency comparison app unlike any other

Greater Savings

CurrenSeek empowers you to get the most bang for your buck by avoiding any extra and hidden costs associated with using credit cards and ATMs abroad!

Real Rates

Unlike other apps, CurrenSeek shows you street rates, not wholesale inter-bank rates that are not made available to ordinary travellers but more for major financial institutions!

True Convenience

CurrenSeek takes the hassle out of running around on foot shopping for the best rates, or calling one FOREX provider after another to make comparisons.

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Boost Your Travel Money

Why CurrenSeek Is Every Traveller’s Best Buddy

Did you know that foreign exchange rates not only fluctuate from day to day, but can also vary significantly from one FOREX provider to another? The disparity can cost up to 200% of your travel money!

CurrenSeek was created to help you locate the best rates around you and make informed decisions. Never get that sinking feeling when you find a better rate just down the road. Don’t let your journey start on a sour note.

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Make Your Journey Worth It

Discover how you can travel savvy and locate the best money changers

Update Rates

Why keep good news to yourself? You can share the latest rates with fellow travellers like yourself!

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You can write a review about any currency exchange facility and what other travellers need to look out for


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Our Milestones

Organic traction gained within 7 months of operations

Active Partners

Bank Branches


Currencies covered

Growing Coverage, Day by Day

Coming to your city, and neighbourhood!

CurrenSeek currently covers major cities around in Malaysia, but we’re expanding every day to include more areas. If you’d like to see CurrenSeek in your next destination or neighbourhood, do let us know and we will do our best to cover your area. It also cover 10 major currencies now: USD, GBP, AUD, SGD, EUR, RMB, TWD, KRW, JPY and IDR. If you’d like us to cover other currencies, do let us know as well!

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